Trust & Estate Services

MRPR: 30 Years of Protecting Personal Assets for Our Trust & Estate Clients

Planning ahead for the transfer and protection of assets is vitally important for most people. Lacking a clear understanding of your estate situation, combined with an unfamiliarity with Trust and Estate laws and regulations, can create big problems for beneficiaries of assets.

Complicating this situation, the current laws that govern Trusts and Estates are complex, subject to change and difficult to navigate for people who do not have the knowledge or the time to keep up with the changes.

This is where MRPR’s Trust and Estate Team comes in. For more than 30 years, our team has helped fiduciaries navigate successfully through the myriad of tax laws and regulations that govern Trusts and Estates, insuring that they stay in compliance with all laws and regulations.


Our Trust & Estate Services Team can help you make smart decisions and avoid common mistakes.

Kim Rhoades, CPAPrincipal


Stay in Compliance, Develop Strategies – and Pay Less Tax

MRPR has experienced CPAs dedicated to helping trustees, executors and personal representatives stay in compliance with tax laws and regulations governing trusts and estates.

More than that, we also help trustee, executors and personal representatives develop strategies that help them pay the least amount of tax required by law.

For those trusts that require accounting, MRPR provides fiduciaries with a complete and accurate trust accounting, reporting annual trust account activity…while implementing strategies to significantly reduce your tax liability.

Estate Tax Returns? We Know the Law.

MRPR has the expertise and knowledge of current and pending laws to help you navigate the complicated issues in regards to estate tax returns. Our experience helps to ensure the quality of our work, and to provide the most tax savings to you.
You can rely on MRPR’s experience and expertise to fulfill your fiduciary trustee responsibilities

Trust & Estate Services Offered by MRPR:

  • Estate Planning to foster the reduction of Estate Taxes
  • Assist Fiduciaries to fulfill their Trustee responsibilities
  • Trust accountings
  • Estate tax preparation, Form 706
  • Trust Tax preparation, Form 1041
  • Estate Tax preparation, Form 1041
  • Preparation of Form 5227 for split interest trusts
  • Obtain Federal Tax ID for Trusts and Estates