MRPR is a full-service Certified Public Accounting & Business Advisory Firm dedicated to turning problems into solutions for businesses and individuals.

MRPR: Opportunity in Numbers – And Numbers Tell a Story

At MRPR, we find Opportunity in Numbers for our clients every day: identifying new tax-savings opportunities through our tax planning & compliance services, creating new revenue-saving strategies through our Business Advisory Services expertise, and finding new tax credits and savings by working with our SALT specialists.

But Numbers also tell a story about MRPR. They tell a story about a full-service accounting & business advisory firm with:

  • loyal clients who stay with them year-after-year
  • a highly experienced, strongly credentialed and skilled staff of professionals who are readily accessible to their clients
  • dedicated professionals who stay at MRPR, who thrive while working there, and who translate that into exemplary service to their clients

But, as the saying goes, let the Numbers* do the talking:

  • Experience – Our Principals average 29.6 years of public accounting experience; firm wide, its 17.9 years. This translates into business acumen for every company and individual we serve.
  • Expertise – This is not just measured by how many years spent practicing public accounting, but also by the commitment to continued professional development. Year after year, MRPR averages 24.7% above the continuing education requirements set by the AICPA(American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and the MICPA(Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants).
  • Accessibility – Our professionals are fully accessible by phone and email. In practice, our Firm averages 63 minutes (call back time) when in the office and 5 hours when out of the office.
  • Client Retention Rate – Our client retention rate is 95.8% – we have clients who are pleased with the work we do – and those who come, stay.
  • Loyal Clients – We also have loyal clients – on average, our clients have been with us for 12.7 years. Wouldn’t it be encouraging to have this type of secure relationship with your CPA firm?
  • Low Turnover – You can count on seeing the same faces working on your account, year after year. Our 18-yearstaff turnover rate is only 10.0%.
  • Top-Notch Credentials – In addition to auditing the 401(k) plan financial statements of many prominent companies, MRPR has audited the financial statements and prepared the tax returns of the MICPA for the past 27 years.

*data current as of 11/24/2015.

Let MRPR put our Numbers to work for you, helping your business realize ‘Opportunity in Numbers’