State & Local Taxes

Does Your Business Have a Multi-State Presence? Does Your Business Have Sales in Other States?

Having a multi-state presence or sales in other states opens your business up to a myriad of taxes and filing requirements, including Gross Receipt Taxes, Withholding Taxes, Franchise Taxes, Escheat and Unclaimed Property Filing, Net Worth Taxes, Value-Added Taxes, Commercial Activity Taxes (CAT), Special Industry Taxes…the list goes on and on.

And when you consider that all 50 States have their own tax laws, ordinances and regulations… it is virtually impossible for a business to know all of the tax laws and regulations that affect their operations.

William Marshall, CPAPrincipal


Are There Opportunities in Numbers in Your SALT (State and Local Taxes)? Yes!

MRPR does more than simply filing your SALT taxes or advising you on handling these taxes.

Instead, our seasoned SALT Specialists combine expertise, competence, practical application and responsiveness to help your business leverage all the advantages available by your State & Local tax laws and regulations.

Also, SALT tax planning services focus on developing legal, tax-saving strategies that leverage new and established tax laws to enable you to pay the least amount of tax possible and/or defer tax liability when applicable.

The result? Significant tax savings. Greater efficiency. Opportunity in Numbers.

SALT-related Services Offered by MRPR:

  • Nexus Studies
  • ‘Register to Do Business’ Consulting
  • Assistance with State Nexus Questionnaire
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDAs)

State & Local Tax News

Some Taxpayers are Entitled to a Refund of the State Transfer Tax. Read More…

Often, utilizing MRPR’s Strategic Consulting Services will return far more than what is invested. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with our Strategic Consulting Team Leader, Tony Perna, to discover how MRPR can find Opportunity in Numbers for your company.

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