Property & Casualty Insurance

Tight Filing Deadlines? MRPR Knows…

Being in one of the most highly regulated and highly specialized industries, Property and Casualty Insurance companies face complex accounting and tax issues that require an accounting firm with expertise and extensive experience in the industry.

With over 20 years of providing audits to Insurance Companies, MRPR’s knows the unique challenges and compliance requirements facing your industry.

We also understand that the regulatory filing deadlines in particular are strict and can be challenging to meet.

Understanding the demands that are placed upon your industry, MRPR offers expert strategic consulting services to Property And Casualty Insurance companies, including:

  • helping your business plan ahead with financial forecasts & projections
  • profitability enhancement
  • process improvement studies
  • improved operational goals
  • providing tax strategies and strategic consulting services that result in measurable performance improvements and reduced tax liabilities.

Understanding that controlling costs is crucial in your volatile industry, MRPR will:

  • guarantee that the fee we quote is the fee you will be invoiced
  • inform you in advance if any additional services beyond the scope of the agreement that are needed
  • offer you a fixed fee option that can range form one to three years
Erica Braun, CPAPrincipal

Greg Zink, CPAPrincipal


MRPR’s Service Offerings for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry